My Relaxing Hexagon

The Chinese pavilion is an interesting structure. It has no walls, is most often hexagonal, but also round or octagonal in shape and is covered with a curved roof with glazed tiles. You find them in parks, gardens, out on the mountains and in various scenery. They always invite me to sit down, enjoy the shade and take a rest.

I don’t know if it is the architecture with its airy feeling or how pavilions blend into the surrounding landscape, but sitting down in a shady pavilion and enjoying the view always brings with it a calming and soothing feeling, no matter if it is in a small park in bustling downtown or halfway up a steep mountain hike.

Here are some images of pavilions in Kaohsiung and Taipei city.


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6 Responses to My Relaxing Hexagon

  1. I like that third, sepia-toned photo, a lot.


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  4. Shibin Dinesh says:

    Great photos! Keep clicking!


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