Tenacious Roots Textures

In Taiwan’s subtropical climate aerial tree roots are a common sight. I am always fascinated by the sheer tenacity of these roots as well as by the intricate patterns they form, which are truly works of art. Whether it is jagged coral rocks or parched ground, the words “retreat” or “quit” don’t seem to exist in their vocabulary, only “holding on” and “not giving an inch” and going on the attack. It is little wonder that the metaphor of roots is so often invoked when we speak about strength, persistence, personal and spiritual growth and many related themes.


Like tentacles of an octopus these roots overpower the stone wall.


Weekly Challenge: Textures

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11 Responses to Tenacious Roots Textures

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  2. Incredible pics of roots, wow! And great for the prompt too.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Quite spectacular. The strength they have is amazing.


  4. I like your pictures.
    We all know that the trees are strong and grandiose beings, and your images show clearly.


  5. Wonderful photos! I particularly liked the third shot. I have been fascinated by tree roots since childhood, but haven’t yet spent time photographing them…


  6. Wonderful patterns – almost like it was all planned!


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