Taiwan’s Techno Gods

Nobody quite knows how it started, and there are several competing stories. But somebody or somebodies in Taiwan got the idea to combine traditional religious temple parades and its deities with techno and pop music, and at the same time bring the costumes up to speed by adding huge sunglasses and other paraphernalia such as scooters and quad bikes to give an overall jolly, upbeat appearance.

The idea spread like wildfire and these colorful characters and their cool moves are now a popular feature at many religious as well as non-religious events.


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7 Responses to Taiwan’s Techno Gods

  1. Love the clarity of the pics 🙂


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  3. peterpreus says:

    I like your pictures and the information you give very much but I don’t like the idea behind that trend.


  4. This is wonderfully unusual and I love it – have always wanted to visit Taiwan: even more so now!


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