Bridges By Night

A man ducked into a city church one late afternoon taking a brief look at the architecture and stained glass windows. As he turned to go the usher told him, “Wait till the lights go on.” His curiosity aroused the man sat down in one of the pews. After a little while the street lights came on, in an instant transforming the nondescript building into a place of glorious light and colors streaming through the stained glass windows.

Something similar happens to some bridges when night falls. The gray concrete structures crossing the river, which during the day are filled with rush hour traffic and exhaust fumes, when night falls are changed into creatures of light casting a pretty reflection into the dark waters below. Since the human eye tends to focus on that which is brightest, we enjoy the shining bridges while ignoring the less pleasant dim surroundings. Here are a few photos that will hopefully help to illustrate the point.


The Love River in Kaohsiung by night.


A modern bicycle and pedestrian bridge


Pleasure boat on the Love River


Bridge to the Five Li Pavilion at the Lotus Lake

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3 Responses to Bridges By Night

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  2. May Ann says:

    Beautiful shots of architecture.


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