It’s Just Another Bend In The Road

So this week’s photo challenge is curves. Come to think of it there is very little straightforward in life. Looking back on my own I see many twists and turns. There is hardly a straight line in nature but curves are everywhere, from a leaf to an apple to a snake to a river. Even our language is full of curves, we talk about “all year round”, “bring somebody around”, “rounding out things”, “something being well-rounded”, “going round in circles”, “making the rounds” and many many more.

While straight lines and right angles seem more practical to us, mankind has used curves in art and architecture for thousands of years. Think of Roman aqueducts, Chinese moon gates, round tribal huts in Africa, arched bridges, etc. Architects say that round structures use less building materials, have better stability and insulation than rectangular or square ones. And one more thing, curves simply look better. Our sense of harmony and beauty prefers curves to sharp edges. Ok, enough rambling, how about some photos.

Modern Facade

Modern facade

Ammonite Fossil Halves


Wooden Snake

Taiwan native wood sculpture

Sea of Chairs

Chairs, chairs, chairs

Spiraling Staircase Seen  From Above

A winding staircase with steps made from wood

Curved Pedestrian Bridge

A curved pedestrian bridge located in a public park in Kaohsiung, Taiwan


Athletic running track


Corn dogs


Chinese moon gate

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7 Responses to It’s Just Another Bend In The Road

  1. jmacindoe says:

    Cool shots – oddly enough, the chair shot if one of my favourites. Nice work!


  2. celticmama36 says:

    These photos are great. My favorites are the ammonites, the snake, the spiral staircase, and the sea of white chairs. The corn dogs are cool. I’ve never seen any that look like that before.

    Have a blessed day!


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  4. Love the curvy shells! ๐Ÿ™‚


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