Not One To Spare!

You might have read the old poem or story about the poor couple with seven children. A childless rich man and wife offered them land and a house for adopting one of their children. The poor couple looked at each of their children as they lay asleep in their cots, but in the end they could not bear to part with any. They had none to spare!

I am reminded of this tale when I watch the yearly dragon boat races on the Love River in Kaohsiung. There are 18 rowers, nine on each side, a drummer and a steersman. Crammed into a narrow boat they have to work together with perfect synchronization if they want to be successful. A tight team will beat a physically stronger team that is out of sync.

Everybody has to trust and rely on each other, everybody expects the other to give their all, everybody must do their share with all they’ve got and right on key. There are no dragon boat super star paddlers, no celebrities or outstanding individuals, only teams. And when they cross the finish line it is the whole boat, all 20 of them, that won the race, not any individual. They equally share the triumph and praise. Truly, in a team effort like this, there is none to spare!






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9 Responses to Not One To Spare!

  1. Galen911 says:

    Those are excellent shots!



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  3. Mabel Kwong says:

    What a wonderful interpretation of this challenge, and those are some great photos of the dragon boat race. Certainly a team sport where everyone has to put the team first before themselves no matter how good or fast they can row. Everyone is a shining star in their own right, but you feel the best when you work together and look out for each other 🙂


  4. TravelDevoted says:

    Can’t wait for the races! We’ll be in Hong Kong for them!


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