Another Brick in the Wall!

This week’s photo challenge is “Earth”. It is hard to know where to start and where to end. Earth surrounds our life in so many ways. Most of us live in houses made from bricks, cement and stone. In hot climates you walk on floors made from cool stone tiles. You eat your food and drink your coffee from things made of the earth. Your bathroom, just have a look around, tiles, sink, toilet, it’s pretty earthy. I remember using a ceramic screwdriver for some computer repair. Then there all the things made from glass . . .

In this post I want to share some photos of bricks and brick making. Bricks are very close to the original earth, some mud, some added ingredients, shaped and fired into a multitude of shapes and uses. Chinese craftsmen apply colorful glazes to roof tiles and eave sculptures to create their beautiful architectural features. So here we go . . .


A traditional brick making factory in southern Taiwan


Bricks are air-dried before firing.


These special bricks have just been shaped.


Stacks of traditional roof and floor tiles.


Traditional end of tiles roof pieces with the Chinese symbol for long life.


A typical Chinese temple roof made from glazed roof tiles.


A ceramic eave decoration of a water-spouting fish.


Green glazed pottery of mythical beasts on a temple eave.

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5 Responses to Another Brick in the Wall!

  1. Lake Writer says:

    Fascinating, and a great way to express the earth challenge.

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  2. Vicky says:

    Beautiful presentation of how Earth gives to us and what can be created…

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