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Stuck in the Mud!

See if you can guess this riddle! It is stuck in the mud, surrounded by dirt and murk, yet it is a symbol of purity. Congratulations, you guessed right. It is the humble water lily. If you consider the obstacles, … Continue reading

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The Indomitable Spirit of Banyan

The banyan is an amazing tree. It often starts out as a tiny fruit seed dropped by bird onto another tree. There, in a crack it germinates and lets down a weak thin root till it reaches the ground, then … Continue reading

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Daily Risks for Daily Bread

For many of us when we hear of taking risks, we think of thrills, excitement and adventure, of stepping out of the norm, leaving the daily humdrum behind, seeking the rush of adrenalin and new vistas and frontiers, of doing … Continue reading

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A Retro Dinner Table

Some sixty years ago Taiwan was struggling to make the transition from a predominantly agrarian society to establishing viable industries, commerce and trade. People worked very hard starting small manufacturing and assembly businesses, often times in their living room with … Continue reading

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Taiwan Beef Noodles

Whenever I am out with family or friends one of our favorite meal is Taiwan beef noodles (“牛肉麵“). A fragrant, hearty broth with large juicy chunks of braised or stewed beef, thick chewy noodles, and some fresh vegetables. The beef … Continue reading

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Chinese Folk Religion

Taiwan enjoys a colorful and diverse religious life, mainly featuring Chinese culture and tradition. Elements of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism are often mingled together with various deities, so that people speak of Chinese Folk Religion. These three young men are dressed … Continue reading

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Together Into The Future

Geese couples are symbols of marital fidelity and bliss in many cultures because they form life-long bonds with their partner. So when I took this photograph in a park and looked at it later, it reminded me of this beautiful … Continue reading

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Never Quit!

This little grass plant sure ended up in the wrong place, it probably didn’t have a choice. An old abandoned rusty railroad track, rough rocks and gravel, no sign of dirt or moisture. That seed blown here by the wind … Continue reading

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Life In Unlikely Places

The other day I passed by this barren concrete wall. As I looked closer I saw this tiny leaf growing out of a crack and right behind it there was already the shoot for a second one. We often say … Continue reading

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No Pain, No Gain

Someone once said that genius is 10% talent but 90% hard work, sweat and applying yourself. We may have great dreams and aspirations, but unless we get down to the nitty-gritty of hard work and study and practice, chances are … Continue reading

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